April 2013

Jeff Brandt 
Jeff Brandt is an Illinois native and fiction writer living in LIC, Queens -- not the yuppiefied part by the waterfront, but the part where taxis park on sidewalks and a weathered old man sells socks from a duffel bag. Jeff's short story "Queensboro Bridge" became his first print publication credit, and in Queens' own Newtown Literary Journal to boot. Read more about him at JTBrandt.com.

Susana H. Case
Susana H. Case is a professor at the New York Institute of Technology. She has been published widely in anthologies and poetry magazines, including: The Cortland Review, Hawai’i Pacific Review, Portland Review, Potomac Review, and Tar River Poetry. Her many chapbooks include The Scottish Café (Slapering Hol Press), which was re-released in a full-length Polish-English annotated version, Kawiarnia Szkocka, by Opole University Press in Poland. Other books of poetry she’s authored are: Salem In Séance (WordTech Editions) and Elvis Presley’s Hips & Mick Jagger’s Lips (Anaphora Literary Press). Her next book, 4 Rms w Vu is forthcoming from Mayapple Press in 2014.

Kim Liao
Kim Liao is a 2010-2011 Taiwan Fulbright Research Fellow, and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in Fourth River, Hippocampus, Cha: A Journal of Asian Literature, Fringe, and others, and she is a book reviewer for Ploughshares. She is currently finishing her first book, In Search of Formosa, a family memoir and adventure story.

Eric Nelson 
Eric Nelson is the author of The Walt Whitman House and The Silk City Series and is originally from New Jersey. His essays,criticism and fiction have appeared or are forthcoming in HTMLGIANT, The Billfold, Chimes & Sirens and Volume 1 Brooklyn, among others. His E.P. of recorded stories "They Make a Wasteland, They Call it Pastiche" is being released by Diabetic Koala in spring of 2013. He lives in Ridgewood, Queens.

Malini Singh McDonald
Malini Singh McDonald lives in Kew Gardens. Her poem, Catamarans, was published in the inaugural issue of Newtown Literary last year. She is currently working on a series of poems based on areas of New York City.

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