June 2012

Ignas Bautrenas

Ignas Bautrenas is a Lithuania-born writer and journalist currently residing in Astoria, Queens. He attended Long Island City High School, graduated from CUNY Hunter College with Bachelor's Degree of Arts & Science, and worked for United Nations Media. Ignas is bi-lingual and specializes in rock journalism. He reports about live music from New York City to various internet blogs and websites including manomuzika.lt and sugarnthunder.com. Ignas fronts the Astoria-based garage rock trio The Everlovin' Savages and had recently started his own fiction blog twistedskyline.blogspot.com with hopes to inspire other people with his fiction just how so many writers had inspired him. Ignas' life motto can be absorbed from a quote by Charles Bukowski: "Some people never go crazy... What truly horrible lives they must lead!"

Christian Diaz

Christian Diaz is a musician and loves to write. Christian is from Queens, NY and he loves everyone. Through his poetry, he strives to convey tales and scenarios that flow through his mind. Christian is constantly working on music and writing. His sincere advice to all is to "Live happy and light up!"

Audrey Dimola (Guest host and reader)

Audrey Dimola is an editorial acrobat and lifelong lover of words whose mantra is: burn bright, never regret it. She writes, sings, reads, and dreams her way through life in her native Long Island City and Astoria, Queens, usually wearing leopard print and always rediscovering the magic of everyday. Audrey has helped to promote and support the arts and culture in this incredible borough for years, and doesn't plan on ever stopping. She recently published her first book of poetry and prose, "Decisions We Make While We Dream," and you can find her portfolio online at audreydimola.com.

Anthony Frisina

Anthony has always written poetry.  To support the habit, he has worked in all facets of theater, film and television.  He posts poems and essays on afrisina.wordpress.com

Mickey Z.

Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Mickey Z. is the author of 11 books and probably the only person on the planet to have appeared in a political book with Noam Chomsky and a karate flick with Billy "Tae Bo" Blanks. Howard Zinn called Mickey Z.: "Iconoclastic and bold." Ned Vizzini says: "It’s easy to talk about punk rock writing, but Mickey Z. really does write as if he doesn’t give a fuck but knows what must be said." While Sander Hicks asks: "How can someone be so sweet but yet so fierce?" When he's not writing books, taking photos, giving talks, or conjuring up haiku, Mickey Z. is busy doing his part to bring sexy back to radical activism.

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