June 2013

Ignas Bautrenas 
Ignas Bautrenas is Lithuania-born writer and journalist currently residing in Astoria, Queens. He attended Long Island City High School, graduated from CUNY Hunter College with Bachelor's Degree of Arts & Science, and worked for United Nations Media. Ignas is bi-lingual and specializes in rock journalism. Being an active observer of the local music scene he writes about it with interest and delight. Inspired by many writers who came before him, Ignas also continuously self-publishes his own poetry and fiction at twistedskyline.blogspot.com.

Greg Krikorian 
Greg Kirkorian is a blustering New York queer and his poetry and writing reflect that. His work is mostly fatuous nonsense about blow jobs and depression. He describes himself as an anti-romantic searching for coded meaning in the trash strewn around the subway tracks. After spending the last year in the Dublin scene, he recently moved back to New York to pursue his writing career by performing his poetry around town and writing for a internationally-focused blog called The Ci-Pher Project. Like his web page Facebook.com/GregoryKirkorian

Vito Racanelli 

Vito Racanelli is a writer and journalist.  His short fiction has been published in The Literarian and The Boiler Literary Journal. He’s read his work at the White Rabbit in NYC and had a short story performed at Liar’s League NYC at KGB’s.

He’s currently working on a book of short stories and recently finished a novel about a terrorist attack that took place 30 years ago in Italy, where he lived for four years. His non-fiction has appeared in Barron’s,  The Wall Street Journal, The Newark Star Ledger, and San Francisco Chronicle, among others. 

Anna Voisard
Anna Voisard's work has appeared in Newtown Literary, Red Fez and the Weekly World News. She was recently a fiction fellow at the CUNY Writers’ Institute and will complete her MFA at City College next year. She is at work on a novel about an over-marrying woman and a collection of short stories about a once-prosperous part of town. She lives in Queens with her husband, son and daughter.

Joe Yoga 
Joe Yoga is a poet, songwriter and visual artist based in NYC. His band Downward Dogs (www.downwarddogs.com) plays all over the city and released their album, Familiar Techniques in August 2012. His plans for 2013 include a stage show, a new solo record, and a new poetry chapbook. His website is www.mrjoeyoga.com

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