October 2011

Audrey Dimola

Audrey Dimola is a born and raised Queens gal who, once upon a time, was the Managing Editor of Long Island City's only glossy arts magazine, Ins&Outs. She loves to get involved in the culture of Astoria and LIC by working with local musicians, businesses, artists, and organizations through journalism, photography, event planning, and PR. Audrey currently writes, edits, and does video interviews for she and her boyfriend's website and production house SUGAR -N- THUNDER (sugarnthunder.com), and is aiming to release her first collection of poetry and prose soon.
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Paddy Fitzpatrick is from County Kerry, Ireland. He has taught English Language Arts in high school and middle school. Paddy graduated from NYU in 1999 with a B.A. in Science and Education. He recently completed his novel “The Dance of Isabelle”, and is currently seeking representation.
Joseph Mullholland
Joseph Mulholland's passion for writing started with his early journaling days in Ms. Klumbs first grade class. Since then, a love for spoken word was ignited, a creative outlet he is so grateful to be able to share with all of you this evening.

Mike Stahl 
Mike Stahl is a high school English teacher, and has been teaching for 10 years. He writes interviews for IntellectualTimes.com and has a film and television criticism blog called "Walter Peck Was Just Doing His Job."  He is also the host and organizer of the "Look to the Cookie" literary reading that first featured at Waltz Astoria in July.